Environmental Remote Sensing (ERS) group have received numerous grants from various funding agencies for conducting data analysis and Lidar deployments.

Current Grants 

  1. US Naval Observatory – Project Neptune – Alternative energy research collaboration program

  2. NASA – Aircraft Vortex Recognition using Coherent Doppler Lidar

  3. Department of Energy – An Integrated Approach to Offshore Wind Energy Assessment:  Great Lakes 3D Wind Experiment in collaboration with Indiana University

  4. Intel Corporation – Feed-forward control for a wind farm using coherent doppler LiDAR

  5. METACRAX II – Meteor Crater Experiment in collaboration with University of Utah

  6. EAGER – Flow around a canopy study (CHATS) in collaboration with NCAR

    Previous Grants

  1. Army Research Office – DURIP:  Acquisition of an Eye-safe Coherent Doppler Lidar for Arizona State University’s Urban Fluid Mechanics Research

  2. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory:  Advanced sensor integration into NARAC’s atmospheric data assimilation program

  3. Army Research Office:  JU2003 Deployment (Doppler lidar measurements of wind, turbulence and aerosol backscatter in an urban environment)

  4. WERF:  Quantification of airborne biological contaminants associated with land applied biosolids

  5. Army Research Office:  Air flow and dispersion over an Urban downtown area (JU2003 Analysis)

  6. NSF:  Data assimilation of dual Doppler lidar observations of the urban bound. layer

  7. Army Research Office:  Acquisition of a Sodar/RASS Instrument for Remote Sensing of Urb. Environ…

  8. NSF:  Coherent Doppler lidar deployment and data analysis for T-REX

  9. Army Research Office:  Stable boundary layer analysis – T-REX

  10. Western Australian Department of the Environment:  Meteorological Mechanisms and Pathways of Pollution Exposure – Coherent Doppler Lidar Deployment in Wagerup

  11. Army Research Office:  Sedona workshop on the atmospheric stable boundary layer

  12. Arizona Dept. Environ. Quality:  Tracking PM-10 using coherent Doppler Lidar

  13. Army Research Office:  Doppler Lidar Deployment for the Canopy Horizontal Array Turbulence Study

  14. ADEQ: Tracking PM-10 using coherent Doppler Lidar

  15. Kenya Wind Project – Doppler lidar deployment consultant for wind resource assessment

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